Why physically attractive people don’t last in long term relationships

Idalenews: I was in a matatu recently and I overheard, or rather eavesdropped to a couple of girls gossiping about a friend of theirs who had just got ditched. They went on and falsely sympathized with her for a while before one suggested that their friend always got breakups from her looks. They went on to remember the many times she had had herself left and all agreed that if she was less pretty, she would be better off. As I got to my alighting point, I couldn’t help but wonder if what they had said about beauty and breakups was anything close to the truth. And that brought me to doing some research and making my own conclusions. From the findings, I came to a conclusion with reasons being:

Physically attractive people draw in countless people who try to court them. Even when in a relationship, these people always have a series of outside people asking them out for dates, wanting to flirt with them and so on. This places their partners in situations where they feel threated. They feel as if their attractive partners are getting so much attention thus may not have enough time for them. This in most causes the end of relationships.

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other cases, partners to physically hot people may start to feel intimidated with time. They are there when their beautiful partners get compliments from all over and this may cause them to feel like they are dating way above their standard. The outcome of this is to probably ignore outside compliments and concentrate on making it work but most people often take the easy way, the way that says out.

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