Senator Farole urges to support new President, warns against political interference


Upper House Senator and former Somali presidential candidate Abdirahman Mohamud Farole, has arrived back to Garowe city, the regional capital of Puntland state, on Wednesday, Idale NewsOnline reports.

Upon arrival to Garowe’s Airport, Farole received huge welcome by clan elders, politicians and members of the civil society, and cheered by hundreds of supporters during en-route to his resident in the city.

Consequently, Farole held press conference at his residence and briefed the media about his presidential campaign in the past weeks in Mogadishu and noted that he dropped out the race due to continuous interference by Somali leaders and external forces.

He indicated that Puntland leadership including its state Parliament have took part in the play to influence the election and backed an allied candidate at the detriment of other presidential hopefuls, but noted that their plan has failed miserably following the election of President Mohamed Abdulahi Farmajo.

He revealed that his current visit to Puntland aimed to woo support for the new Somali government and indicated that there are some officials who are seeking to interfere in the making-process of new Federal government.

“I warn against interfering in the political agenda of the new President and I call the National Leadership Forum’s members who lost in the election to stop meddling in the process of forming a new government,” said Farole.

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