Ali Khaliif goes to Hargaisa in rare visit


Khatumo President Ali Khalif Galaydh on Monday reached in Hargaisa following an intended trip which the president seeks to forge a reunion between his state and Somaliland.

Top Somaliland officials have welcomed that president in Hargaisa just one day after he was been defied to travel for talks in Jabuuti.

Rebel forces led by Abdurahman Baydan on Sunday blocked the president to board on an especial flight to Jabouti and instead Mr Galaydh opted to travel by land along his key aides.

Khaatumo residents have denounced president’s plan which he wants to make a combination between the rival states of Khatumo and Somaliland.

Regional analysts said that Galaydh intends to acquire political interests for the process as many of his cabinet declared a mass resignation against the pilot.

The President leter went to Jabouti along some of his cabinet members.

Somaliland claims Khatumo as part of its territory.

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