Ban on auto-rickshaws on some roads in Afgooye


Auto rickshaw have been banned from plying on some roads in Afgooye town which is located 30 KM south of Mogadishu.

According the riders of the rickshaws operating in Afgooye, Somali security forces harassed them.

One of the auto-rickshaw owners in Afgooye, Mohamed not his real name, has spoken to Media about the harassment by the forces and the ban imposed on the auto-rickshaws from some roads in the town,

“The forces harass us using their guns, without getting prior notice, I was point at gun as I was approaching to the town’s bridge,” he said, adding that “The forces are harassing the riders. My auto-rickshaw was seized a week ago thought it was released. The incident happened when I was transporting passengers and later I was force take u turn,” he said.

Mohamed says the administration had not consulted them before notifying the road that they are now prohibited to ply on.

“Since they have not been able to ply on the roads for a month, many of the rickshaw owners have taken their rickshaws to the other side of town,” he said.

Afgooye is an agricultural and strategic town neighbouring Somalia’s capital, which its people who are farmers depend on tricycles including auto-rickshaws to transport their farm products.

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