10 suspects arrested in security operation conducted in Kismaayo


Police and security forces on Tuesday arrested ten people in a joint security operation in Kismaayo town, in lower Jubba region, Southern Somalia.

Security sources said that the operation aimed to ensure adequate security in the town and wipe out Al-Shabaab who have been hiding inside Kismaayo to wage attacks on the government.

“The operation was carried out by the police and NISA forces, it began last night and concluded this morning, the forces arrested about 10 suspects,” said officer.

Idale News Online correspondent reports that the operation which was conducted in several neighborhoods in Kismaayo was aimed to tightened the security of the town and fight against illegal.

“The forces conducted a joint security operation in Kismaayo town of Lower Jubba region earlier today,” said our correspondent,

Police officials said the suspects who are being held in custody will be interrogated with a view to getting more information from them that may lead to the arrest of their colleagues still at large in the region.

The group has lost key towns in the south and central Somalia in the past years, but still carries out deadly bomb attacks in the main towns including the capital of Somalia-Mogadishu.

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