Fallen soldiers in Somalia’s Kulbiyow attack laid to rest


Some of the soldiers killed in the attack at a military camp in Kulbiyow near Somalia’s border with Kenya were on Sunday laid to rest.

The soldiers are part of the team the government says were killed when the KDF camp was attacked by Al Shabaab militants, killing them in the hundred.

New details, from images that captured the attack, also revealed how the soldiers defended the camp to their last breath.

The camp was breached by the Al Shabaab suicide bomb track, who Kenyan soldiers were outnumbered and killed in their tens after six hours of battle.

The camp, manned by a company of soldiers drawn from 15 battalions came under heavy fires at around 5am of Friday.

The camp commander said that they put a defense and fought for what they stood for, with those wounded retreating from the front allowing others to help, and a decision was made to withdraw from the point at some point

More than 30 Kenyans soldiers are said to have been killed, though the government puts the number of those killed at nine.

One of the family who lost their son was struggling to come to terms as their loved one was laid to rest, with others even calling for the government to withdraw the soldiers.

“Instead of the government taking care of their citizens, they send our soldiers to fight Al-Shabaab. The Americans have not been able to win against them, other countires have failed and only Kenya thinks they can win this war, our young soldiers are dying in large numbers,” said one of the relatives.

“There is no point our children are sent to such countries to fight, where they are killed leaving their children behind, orphans,” said another parent.

A similar incident happened last year, when a Kenyan camp in El-adde was attacked by Al-Shabaab, who claim to have killed over 100 soldiers, with the government refusing to give its death toll.

The camp is situated 80 from the Kenyan border.

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