Somalia: 7 die of hunger in Gedo as famine looms


Seven people, including children are confirmed died of hunger in Gedo region as major parts of the horn of Africa country is hit by a sever drought which effected millions of persons.

Osman Nuuh Hajji, the deputy governor of Gedo administration has confirmed the deaths of the seven people, saying many other are at risk of the famine prevailing the rural areas.

Mr. Hajji added thousands of people in the region are still in need of life-saving assistance from the humanitarian agencies and the federal government of Somalia in Mogadishu.

At the time, most of the famine-hit areas in southern Somalia are under Al shabaab militants control, and the crisis was exacerbated by their ban on foreign aid agencies.

Somali government says this is the worst drought the country to experience in 25 years. The famine affected most the nomadic communities and farmers in south and central regions.

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