Abdualahi elected as new Speaker of Upper House chamber


Abdi Hashi Abdulahi was elected as the Speaker of the newly inaugurated Upper House chamber of Federal Parliament after receiving majority votes against his rival opponent during a ballot in the capital Mogadishu on Sunday, Idale News Online reports.

Two candidates from northern region of Somalia, Abdualhi and Mustafa Mohamed Qodah were competing for the Speakership post of Upper House chamber. However, 51 Senators were reported to have casted their votes among the candidates, which saw the election of Abduallahi for the Speakership, according to the poll results.

Abduallahi won the senate leadership after obtaining more than 42 votes against Qodah who received 9 votes in the first round of voting.

On the other hand, 14 candidates are expected to compete for the first and second deputy Speaker posts of the Upper House chamber later today.

Sunday’s election will mark the conclusion of parliamentary leadership of Federal Parliament, which will pave the way to prepare for the forthcoming Somali presidential election.

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