Abshir Bukhaari elected 1st deputy Speaker of Somalia’s Senate


bshir Ahmed Bukhari was elected as the first deputy Speaker of the newly inaugurated Upper House chamber of Federal Parliament after defeating his rival opponents in the third round of polling in the capital Mogadishu on Sunday.

Seven candidates were seen favorites in the first round of polling, who are Hassan Farah Hujaale, Ahmed Haashi Mahamud, Abdiwahid Elmi Omar, Abshir Mohamed Ahmed, Abdi Ahmed Duhulow, Mohamud Ahmed Mahamud and Abdirisaaq Osman Ali. but

The top four head have been qualified to move second round but later on Abdirisaq Osman Jurille droped from race.

In the third round, which saw the victory of Bukhaari for the Senate Deputy Speaker,  52 Upper House members have cast their votes among the candidates, according to the poll results.

Bukhaari won the election after obtaining 30 votes against Abdi Ahmed Dhuhulow who received 22 votes in the third round of voting.

Bukhari who is representing Galmudug state was the first Senator elected in Somalia.

The seasoned senator had worked with both BBC and Al-Jazeera.

Sunday’s election will mark the conclusion of Somalia’s bicameral Parliament, which will pave the way to prepare for the forthcoming Somali presidential election.

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