Prof. Jawari easily wins the re-election of Parliament Speakership


Prof.Mohamed Osman Jawari has won the re-election as Speaker of the newly inaugurated Somali Federal Parliament after receiving majority votes against his rival opponents in the capital Mogadishu on Wednesday, Idale News Online reports.

Four candidates among them Jawari and Abdirashid Hidig were favored earlier to win the Speakership post. About 256 Lower House MPs have casted their votes among the candidates, which saw the election of Jawari for the Parliament Speaker, according to the poll results.

Jawari won the Parliament leadership after obtaining more than 141 votes against Hidig who received over 97 votes.

The election indicated a major loss to the presidential candidates from Southwest state among them the State President who early announced candidacy for the top office in the country.

On Thursday, The Parliament are set also to pick the Deputy Speakers of Parliament, which will be followed by the elections of Upper House leadership and Somali President in January 2017.

The Somali electoral process was scheduled to conclude in 2016 but due to deadlocks and delays to meet deadlines have led the process to be extended to 2017.

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