ISWA police in Baidoa demolish business centres along the busy roads


South West state  police force have launched operations to demolish buildings and business centers along the main roads in Baidoa, the administrative capital of Southwest State. Idale News Online Reports.

The bulldozers arrived at the site with a battalion of police and army officers armed with rifles to stop any riots.

The police said that the operations are intended to fight illegal building that has been increasing the recent months and restore the beauty of the town.

Some of the business people who spoke to local media outlets said the administration has not given them enough time to vacate the affected areas.

A shopkeeper whose shop was demolished said he had not been given notice over the intended demolition.

The officers, however, maintained that the business owners had been informed that their shops had been marked for demolition.

“We told the occupants of the buildings built along the main roads to clear the place and they agreed to quit the places therefore the police assisted them to carry the goods and we are here to serve the public, not harass them” said a police who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The exercise follows other demolitions targeting structures near main roads, which the Government says lie on public land.

The operations have hindered other business activities in the area.

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