In Pictures: Mohamed Ali Ameriko calls for Urgent Aid as southern Somalia Suffers Famine


The well-liked presidential aspirant Mohamed Ali Ameriko, has on Monday called for an urgent humanitarian assistance to Somali families affected by the drought hit areas in the country.

Mr Ameriko has urged the people of Somalia to stand united and show solidarity for the drought-affected families. The drought is affecting every household.

“Somalis themselves can help each other and save the lives of their brothers, sisters and mothers dying of hunger and thirty in the drought-stricken regions,” said candidate Ameriko.

He said current drought is more severe than the one in 2011, calling on people in the country and overseas to extend a helping hand to save the suffering families hit by the drought.

The Horn of Africa country is currently experiencing its worst drought in years, putting about five million children at risk for famine. Mr Ameriko has warned this catastrophic situation.

Finally, presidential candidate Mohamed Ali Ameriko said: “lets help our people dying for the drought. Allah helps those who help themselves.”


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