Somalia’s election is fraud, women not meant to be leaders, says Al Shabaab spokesman


Al Qaida linked Al Shabaab militant said it will continue its attacks against the Somali Federal government to fight western programmed agendas in the country during an exclusive interview with Dalsoor an independent local media, Idale News Online reports.

Al Jazeera’s Hamza Mohamed interviewed Al Shabaab’s spokesman, Sheikh Ali Mohamed Rage, whereas the group has intensified its terrorist attacks in the Somali capital of Mogadishu during the past two weeks, targeting areas near AMISOM base, Mogadishu’s Airport and UN compound.

During the interview Rage spoke about the ongoing Somali elections, women representation in the politics, clan power-sharing formula and fighting with the Somali government.

Rage noted the group is against the Somali electoral process and dismissed ideas that Al Shabaab members are willing to participate in the process or support candidates for the presidency. He described the entire election process as fraud, which the group can’t join hands-in with false things.

“It is not worthy and it’s not in our interest to be part of things that are built on falsehood,” added the spokesman.

He further alleged that the electoral process is a “selection” rather than a free election, whereby infidels [western] and their puppets [Somali politicians] are choosing who they want to implement their agenda in Somalia.

Rage warned against deceiving the public in the fraudulent elections, since public are not allowed to participate in the process to elect their leaders.

Asked about Al Shabaab views on women participation in the politics or if the militant group will appoint women for higher ranks, Rage rejected the notion and said that Somalis are Muslim and should stay in the path of Allah and follow the instructions of the religion.

He criticized women who are arguing for women rights and fair representation in Somalia, and said they don’t represent Muslim-Somali women, as he claims those ideas are pushed forward by westerns to achieve their goals to mislead the Muslim nations.

Rage alleged that religion didn’t allow women to become leaders for Muslim nations, by holding the position of President, Prime Minister or a Minister.

Asked about the group’s view on clan power sharing formula (4.5) in Somalia or whether the group implement it in their strong-held areas, he dismissed the claims and indicated the group believes the clan as a mean of identity between people and relative, whereas he criticized the apostates [Somali government] for using it as a system for power-sharing formula to build a government.

The reporter also questioned him about group’s claim to attack government targets where in fact they attack hotels and restaurants frequented by innocent civilians.  Rage denied the allegation and said the group never targets civilians but instead they intent to attack bases which belongs to foreign and Somali officials.

“Al Shabaab has never targeted those ordinary hotels where Muslim civilians stay, but the ones we attack are all surrounded with huge concretes and security guards to protect them, that indicate those are not hotels” said spokesman.

“we are fighting with the infidels [western] and their apostates [Somali government] and we don’t care what they call the places they live in, whether they say it is an army base or a hotel, it all means the same.”

Rage said the group carries out intelligence missions for suffice periods to monitor and gather information about their targets before they carry out the attacks.

The interview coincides with country’s preparation to hold elections of parliamentary leadership and new Somali President in the coming weeks in Mogadishu.

Previously, the militant group has vowed to disrupt the Somali election process and since it lunched sporadic attacks in southern and central Somalia against government officials, security forces and allied AMISOM forces in a bid to overthrow the western-backed weak Somali Federal government in the capital Mogadishu.

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