Seven candidates declare their parliamentary leadership bid


Seven candidates  contesting for the Lower House speaker and deputy speaker, have submitted the forms of their candidature to Somalia’s House Leadership election committee amid Somalia is expected to hold the elections of parliament leadership on 11th and 12th this month.

Today session has focus on the upcoming elections of Speakers of Lower and Upper Houses of Parliament.

Among the candidates running for the parliament leadership is former parliament speaker, Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari.

Names of other candidates are as follows:

Abdirashid Mohamed Hidig who who runs for the parliament speaker.

Jaylani Nur Ikar who seeks to be first deputy speaker.

Saeed hussein Eid runs for first deputy speaker.

Abdiweli Ibrahim Muday who wants to take part in the first deputy speaker race.

Khalid Maow Abdikadir runs for first deputy speaker.

Abdikadir Sheikh Ali Baqdadi runs for the second deputy speaker.

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