2 bodies found on Shore near Marka ,Somalia.


AL-Qaeda linked Somalia’s al-shabaab group said on Wednesday that two bodies in white skins have been found on the shore near the port city of Merca or Marka in the Lower Shabelle region but offered no further details.

Residents living in the small seaside village Gandershe have also confirmed the news that suspected dead western couples possibly—– tourists washed up from the sea late Tuesday.
“We do not know how these people are dead but their bodies had physical harms” said one resident Ahmed Sheikh.
Al-shabaab members in the region and residents later buried the two bodies outside the village, residents said.  Unconfirmed reports by some local media said that one of the couples—the woman had pieces of jewelry in her neck.
“The first of its kind in the village” another resident claims. Nationalities of the dead suspected couple are yet unknown but al-shabaab said they could be Western tourists.
Senior Somali government official in the Lower Shabelle region who asked to be unnamed confirmed the news about two bodies found on the shore but denied to provide further details.
“The deceased individuals on the beach is a male and female adult with an apparent no gunshot wounds, according to residents” said the official. “We will release as soon as we have more information on this case”
The Bodies have reportedly been in their 45s

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