Three killed in an Al-Shabaab ambush near Baidoa, police


Three people including two soldiers have been killed and seven others injured after Al-Shabaab fighters opened fire at a vehicle outside Daynunay village, about some 30 kilometers south of Baidoa town in southern Somalia, police said on Friday evening.

Bay police commissioner, Mahad Abdirahman told reporters in Baidoa that the Al-Shabaab fighters waylaid a minibus heading to Baidoa and opened fire on the passengers indiscriminately.

Abdirahman said the incident happened after Al-Shabaab got information that the bus was carrying some soldiers.

“Al-Shabaab terrorists opened fire on a civilian mini-bus which had left Burhakaba town and was heading to Baidoa town after the militants got tip off that some soldiers were travelling in the bus,” Abdirahman said.

The incidents comes barely a day after Somali Military Court sentenced six Al-Shabaab fighters to life term in prison after they were found guilty of being terrorist group members and attacked regional state of Galmudug early this year.

Al-Shabaab lost key strongholds in between 2012 and 2015 to the AU troops and Somali National army (SNA).

Although Al-Shabaab abandoned all its fixed positions in Mogadishu in 2011, the group still uses hostile tactics such as assassinations, hit-and-run attacks, improvised explosives and suicide missions to target it perceived enemies.

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