Over ten people killed in clashes between Al-Shabaab and local fighters in Southern Somalia


Over ten people including local fighters and Al-Shabaab have been killed and several others wounded in clashes between local militias backed by Jubbaland forces and Al-Shabaab fighters in south Somalia on Tuesday evening, residents said.

Owbarkhadle Elmi said Jubbaldn forces backing local fighters have attacked Al-Shabaab fighters who rustled over 2000 camels near Kismayo town.

“Local fighters supported by Jubbaland forces attacked Al-Shabaab camp following days Al-Shabaab fighters took 250o camels from the local people living there,” said Elmi.

This comes days after Jubbaland forces captured three key areas including Janay-Abdale and Ber-hano, about some 60 kilometers west of Kismayo town.

Al-Shabaab militants has not commented on the latest clashes in Lower Juba region in southern Somalia.

Al-Shabaab adopted monthly Zakat that obliges every nomadic family with 10 heads of livestock to give away at least one, while those rearing as many as 20 are needed to contribute three in alms, according locals.

The group is carrying out hit and run attacks in major towns under government and deadly explosions in the capital Mogadishu.

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