Senior Al-Shabaab leader surrenders to Jubbaland


A senior commander of Al-Shabaab, identified as Sheikh Mohamed has surrendered himself on Tuesday, claiming he now wanted to live in peace with the rest of the people in Somalia

According to Jubbaland officials, he was Al-Shabaab commander in charge of zakawat levy collection in this region.

He had communication with us and told us that he is planning to leave his militant group,”  a senior official of Jubbaland forces said.

The officer said the government will welcome those Al-Shabawho defect but those still with the group will be dealt with accordingly.

This comes days after Jubaland State forces and Al-Shabaab fighters clashed in the outskirt of Kismayo.

Jubbaland said its forces captured three key areas including Janay-Abdale and Ber-hano, about some 60 kilometers west of Kismayo town.

Although Al-Shabaab abandoned all its fixed positions in Mogadishu in 2011, the group still uses hostile tactics such as assassinations, hit-and-run attacks, improvised explosives and suicide missions to target it perceived enemies.

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