Abdulkadir Osoble linked to rulling Damujadid party


Ambassador Awliyo, who is one of the outstanding Somali politicians said Abdulkadir Osoble, a federal MP and president candidate running for president is associated with incumbent’s ruling Damu-jadid party.

Referring 2012 election, Mr Awliyo said Osoble who among the presidential candidates at that time has added his votes to the current president Hassan Sheikh, to defeat his rival candidate Sharif Sheikh Ahmed.

He announced that Mr Osoble is again doing the same techniques he did in 2012, to help the incumbent win a re-election in the upcoming presidential election scheduled to take place 28 December, 2016.

Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas, former Somali prime minister and current president of Puntland state and Abdulkadir Osoble have helped religious Damu Jadid party to win the 2012 election and take power.

Lastly, Ambassador Awliyo said the term-ended president Hassan Sheikh has failed to lead the country into a prosperous and progress during his four-year tenure which has expired in last September.

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