Jubbaland trains police to beef up security Kismaayo


Jubbaland administration has kicked off a third phase of training for local police recruits in the southern city of Kismayo to boost the town’s ability to maintain security.

Jubbaland police commissioner, Jaama Hassan said the three-month training for new Jubbaland police recruits will be conducted soon.

He said the basic policing course would focus on human rights observance and community policing among others.

“The training program for these recruits is very intensive because we are looking at both, practical and theoretical aspects that will affect their side of the community’s effective and communicative domain of the recruits,” Hassan said.

Hassan said that the new police recruits will make sure Somali populous as well as visitors go about their businesses without disruptions.

“The town needs a special force specifically trained who can interact with public and prevent acts of terrorism, and this new unit will conduct operations to smoke out Al-Shabaab and its sympathizers,” he highlighted.

The training is being conducted by police officers with vast experience in peace missions, according to Hassan.

Somalia, emerging from two decades of anarchy, security gains in the past seven years has been made largely thanks to African peacekeepers spearheading the fight against Al-Shabaab fighters but tries to take over the role.

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