Somalia asks Arab Parliament for support in Somalia


Somalia is calling for more support from the Arab parliament to help secure and rebuild the horn of Africa nation as it expects to hold presidential elections later this month.

The former deputy chairperson of Foreign Affairs Committee for Somali parliament, Mohamed Omar Dalha said Somalia needs even more support at this critical and transitional time.

“We went to attend to Arab parliament conference to seek support from the Islamic world, which we consider to be very important,” said Dalha.

He said the parliament is expected to implement more development programs in Somalia.

“We are working on strategies to ensure that we have the support of the Arab parliament and participation of rebuilding Somalia and giving supportive hand to the government of Somalia,” he noted.

Dalha said Pan Arab Parliament pledged a particular support and assistance for Somalia to help the country’s recover from decades of civil wars and unrest which caused more setbacks in infrastructure and other social development.

Somalia has been full member state in Arab League since 1974.

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