Parliamentary elections resumed in Puntland, 6 MP selected


The Lower House elections in northeastern region of Puntland, has resumed following weeks break, and witnessed the election of 6 MPs in the first phase of polling on Sunday, Idale News Online reports.

Puntland state is scheduled to wrap up the parliamentary ballots this week, before the sworn-in deadline scheduled mid December. Last week, state-level electoral body (SIEIT) has called the candidates and delegates for the remaining 16 seats to prepare for the voting session that will take place in Garowe city.

However, today’s ballots saw the election of Sadiq Warfa as a lawmaker after defeating his rival candidate Abdirazaq Omar in the second round of polling, receiving 29 votes, according to the polls results.

On the other hand, Sadiya Samatar has secured a seat after receiving majority 49 votes against her rival opponent Fadumo Mohamed Salad. Other candidates who secured seats included Mohamed Haji Geele, Dahir Mohamed Muse, Abdirashid Gaboobe and Sharmarke Garad Saleman.

So far 27 MPs were elected out of 37 seats set for Puntland state in the upcoming Lower House chamber of Federal Parliament but the state lagged behind other regional states who concluded the parliamentary election last week, despite it was the first state to start the process.

Additional 4 MPs are expected to be voted for in the second phase of election today in Puntland state.

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