Election for Somaliland’s lower house seats delayed


The ballot to elect 11 new federal lawmakers for the Lower House chamber seats allocated to the clans hailing from Somaliland has been postponed to Saturday (10th December, 2016).

Koshin Abdi Hashi, the chairman of the electoral commission of northern regions election has confirmed the postponement of the parliamentary election to IdaleNews.com

Hashi gave no reason for the delay, but he said the elders are busy with resolving internal disputes among the candidates and the electoral delegates.

The elders have recently lodged a complaint letter to the country’s electoral commission, and demanded the current election venue to be moved to Halane, AMISOM headwaters in the airport.

On Tuesday, the Lower House election for 46 seats that will represent Somaliland in the forthcoming federal parliament has kicked off at the Police Transport HQ in Mogadishu.

For far, 6 MPs from Somaliland were elected in the first election held in Mogadishu on Tuesday, and the remaining 40 seats are expected to be elected in the coming days.

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