Clan clashes killed one person in Northern Somalia, elders intervene


At least one person has been killed and five others were wounded in a fighting between clan militias in a disputed northern Somalia on Friday, officials and locals said.

The clan militias fighting for the control of grazing land in the outskirt of Bura’o town in Togdheer region have clashed at a village called  Gamburlibah which lies 1o0 Km east of the town.

Police commissioner, Ahmed Mohamed Guutaale said that the fighting caused casualties on both sides.

“At about 4pm a group of clan militias has attacked Gamburlibah village where they killed one person killed and injured five others” he said.

He noted that the fighting lulled following the intervention of traditional elders.

One resident In Gamburlibah village  who declined his name told IdaleNews that the militia men have fighting till Friday midnight and majority the villagers fled the area.

Somalia has seen many deadly clan conflicts since warlords overthrew the central government led by the late Somali president Siad Barre.

The wars, which began as a struggle for control of the government, quickly degenerated into predatory looting, banditry, and occupation of the valuable real estate by conquering clan militias.

Young gunmen fought principally to secure war booty, and were under only the loosest control of militia commanders, according to a 2005 report by the World Bank.

The collapse of the central state led to fragmentation and an economy of plunder that brought leaders into conflict with other leaders, sometimes from the same clan, vying for control of the same local area and resources.

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