Somali, foreign forces raid Al shabaab base in Somalia


Somali special forces, backed by foreign soldiers have launched a joint military offensive on Al shabaab controlled village, which lies 90KM northeast of Kismayo city on Thursday.

Sources in Kalishunba area near Kismayo city, said they saw three dead bodies, believed to be Al shabaab members lying on the ground following the raid by the allied troops.

Reports said Somali and their allied foreign troops have seized several Al shabaab fighters and took them away from the militants-held village to undisclosed location.

The Al shabaab bases near Kismayo city, the regional capital of Lower Jubba region have been the scene of attacks carried out by Somali and U.S. soldiers.

Somali and foreign troops thought to be American soldiers have stepped up attacks against Al shabaab strongholds in south and central Somalia in the past few months.

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