The 30% quota for women is not optional, electoral body warns clan elders


The Federal Indirect Electoral Implementation Team (FIEIT) has affirmed it will ensure the 30% quota for women representation in the Federal Parliament is realised noting the elders must adhere to the rule without fail.

FIEIT Media and Outreach official Nafisa Ghedi told Local Media the electoral body was determined to deliver the requirement envisaged in the country’s Provisional Constitution and several electoral agreements.

“We (FIEIT) are here to guarantee Somali women will achieve their 30% in the next parliament. FIEIT will impress upon the clan elders to adhere to the rule failure to which the clans will have their seats suspended,” said Ghedi.

The National Leadership Forum noted in a communique last week the clans with three seats will be required to set aside one exclusively for women. Equally, it not in the even such number does not exist, clans related con-sanguinely will aggregate then reserved one seat in every three.

Ms Ghedi said the former system which favoured men’s interests at the state level will does not have a place in the new electoral arrangement.

“We need women MPs elected in these 2016 elections without being subjected to hardship, such as being tied to clan elders. We should facilitate this since this is a legal requirement,” Ghedi noted.

She warned the tribal leaders against nominating men only at the expense of the women.

“Diminishing women’s chances for incorporation into the political system will not be allowed. Our girls should be given full political rights because each individual has the right to take part in running the affairs of this country,” the FIEIT official observed.

She said she is hopeful Somalis will change their perspective on women and urged Somali women to fight for their rights and take advantage of the quota.

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