Land Dispute Leads to Inter-clan fight in Bay region.


Clan Militias Fought on Burhakaba district in Bay region of south west state of Somalia this Monday.  The inter-clan militias fought over the ownership of agricultural farms in the district. Casualties are reported in the fight.

Residents of the district told South West Based independent Station that clan militias started attacking each other, after they disputed the exactly borderlines of agricultural farms in the district. “ The dispute over land ownership was there for years between the two clans.

Now as they started fighting, both the government and Alshabab were informed but none of them come to intervene the clashes” told one  residents to

Attempts to break the fight by residents failed as according to one resident who opt to remain anonymous.

South west state of Somalia did give any comments about the fight. Inter-clan fights are frequented in the area.

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