Coalition Of Political Parties asks the president and premier to hand over the power


Political parties in Somalia on Friday called on Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and the prime minister Omar Abdirashid to step down after their term of offices expire.

The Coalition asked the speaker of the parliament to take over from the President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud administration.

The leaders unanimously agreed to resist any attempts to extend the term of the current administration and called on the people of Somalia to decide how the country will be governed after September 10 to avoid a constitutional crisis and leadership vacuum.

They blamed the current administration for the delay in the preparation for the elections.

The Coalition said the government had underperformed during its tenure and did not deserve an extension.

The political parties was ready to work with elders to carry out the selection exercise of parliamentarians because the federal government had failed to spearhead the process within the scheduled timeframe. This, he said, would save the country from any political crisis and leadership vacuum.

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