Puntland reveals plotters of Galkayo bombings


Puntland has released the identities of the masterminds of last week’s twin suicide attacks in northern Galkayo, which left over 20 people, including soldiers and students dead.

Puntland state said  Mohamed Bashir Mohamed Nur (Binu Mohamed), 40 – 45 years-old who is Head of Al-Shabaab for the explosions in Puntland is among the perpetrators.

The second mastermind is Nur Mohamed Abdullahi, known as Nur Deq, 45, head of Al-Shabaab for assassinations and blasts in Mudug region, according to Puntland statement.

In the statement, Puntland state has ordered its security agency forces to arrest the alleged  Al Shabaab commanders behind Galkayo attack and bring them into justice.

On 21 August, 2016, two Al Shabaab bombers in explosives-laden vehicles attacked local government office and market in the Puntland-administered northern Galkayo city, killing more than 20.

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