Watch: Deputy Speaker of Kenyan Parliament Mr. Farah Macalin: “Somali government and the president Hassan should respect and read the constitution of Somalia “


Deputy speaker of national assembly and member of parliament of the republic of Kenya, Farah Maalim has strongly refuted that neither Somali government nor Kenya have the right of making administration for the people of Jubbaland.

In an interview with Canadian Based Radio Ogaal, Mr. Farah Maalim said, if Puntland, Galmudug, and Hiiraan made their own administration why not for Jubbaland.

He said “ Somali government and the president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud should respect and read the constitution of Somalia .

“ Constitution reads that government of Somalia is based on Federalism, and every region must get its own administration made by its own people” Said Farah Maalim

He said ,Constitution is cardinal principle , it must be obeyed, and Somali People have equal rights when it comes to making their own administration.

“The central government of Somalia collapsed for injustice, inequality, intimidation and many other evil things” said Farah Maalim.

The new constitution of Somalia says, administration should reach remote districts of the country .

“ Kismayo administration would not be installed from Mogadishu, it is impossible , people should be given autonomy to make their own administration for their own will.

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